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buying in a crypto environment is like traditional ecommerce except:

payments are made using bitcoins

protection is provided by technology instead of authority
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Don't Accept 50% Refunds
They are a darknet thing and help enable the selective scamming that prevails there. Biggy don't play that shit.

If your order doesn't arrive and the seller offers anything less than a reship or full refund make a dispute right away. You will get a better settlement and you will expose a problem, that's how we stay healthy.
Escrow Suisse
There seems to be some confusion here, please accept our responsibility and apology for this.

We generally do not take seller terms into account, instead we base resolution on the reputation of each party.
UK 420
Thanks for clarifying,
Can I ask
why include terms and conditions on the sellers part then?
As my conditions clearly state I don't offer reship or refunds. My buyers are aware of this.
Escrow Suisse
We don't know what the field is for but there are terms other than refunds and those would not conflict with escrow claims.

For instance you could say buyers must be from a same day delivery area to expect same day delivery. This would set an expectation and save a lot of misunderstanding for everyone.

This kind of expectation would not be in conflict with the reality that claims we process are based on reputation, not a sellers refund policy.
Thanks for the the reply, I just got a 3g reship after 7g went missing. Thankfully the order is till sitting there, so we'll see how good my reputation is. I was just going with the 'I won't be ordering off then any more'
Only issue I’ve ever had was similar. 3G reship for a 10g order. Escrow paid 50% on top. Hope you get something similar.

Leaves the problem that disputes don’t show how it went and show unfavourably against the buyer, like 20%disputed on my profile and 0% on the sellers even though he was found against.

Good luck.
Escrow is great, sorted a no show from blame Canada and got a full resend and made up the difference for something that went missing over bitcoin growing about 3-fold.

I was sort of happy with 50% resend but can see how it can be abused by a vendor. Most I've used are really good and above board. The crazy prices reflect the fact you're not getting stung every other purchase... the possibility of refunds for good buyers is a testament to the system.
I haven't had to use Escrow yet after many orders but I've always used special delivery post to avoid as many issues and conflicts as possible.
can you look at my hashtag order then please?

opened dispute, heard nothing and vendor keeps fobbing me off "its coming" "it's been resent"

bollocks has it
they can stall all they want, the dispute will settle automatically based on reputation unless you cancel it.
thanks Pac, do I just leave in dispute then??

its been over a month and of course still nothing from the "resend".

this guy seems like a selective scammer hoping many don't click dispute?

sorry, I've never had to do this before so no idea what happens 😢
How to create a dispute ?
how do you dispute if they sent you something else? He advertised Cali and sent bunk UK haze thats not even good haze. How can I dispute that?
UK 420
Surely you miss understand the concept of Terms and Conditions?

Each vendor has there own terms and conditions of service.

Some offer a full reship, some offer 50%, some don't offer any reships.

If the vendor clearly states any of these terms. It removes escrow terms for a full refund!

I would highly suggest you read any terms or conditions set out by each vendor

I've never been a dark web vendor, nor will I ever be!

What utter shit information to give
Nope, escrow overrides those terms.
UK 420
It actually doesn't. I am proof, thank you

They can choose to override it if there becomes alot of issues due to your terms.

Please educate yourself guys
I would love to be educated UK 420...

I have clearly in my T&C's that I would be contacted before a dispute or negative rating and in my first week I was trolled and marked a 1/10.... The messed up thing is this troll thought I was another user and broke my conditions. However admin for Little Biggy have let it stand... Really frustrating as a new vendor.
Yeah sorry dude, you will need to ride that review out based on how the LB system works. It can be really hard for a new vendor to get established on here and there does occasionally seem to be shenanigans regarding review bombing ongoing on the site for ages now. Oh and 420 is wrong escrow overrides all terms based on vendor and purchaser rep
Not saying what you have stated doesn't make sense uk420, however, escrow will always override your terms and they will decide the refund amount for the dispute based on the reputation of the parties involved....
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