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Features a medium flex, reclined mountain-twin shape and mountain tips that are drawn out for on-mountain, backcountry and deep snow performance.

Karakoram Split Clips offer a solid connection point at tip and tail of board—makes your splitboard feel as solid as a regular snowboard.

Shaman core features a blend of Paulownia and Forest Stewardship Counsel certified poplar; core is ultra lightweight and durable—just what you need when trekking up hill.

Mixed glassing (triax over biax) provides the best performance for deep-snow riding.

Grip Tech sidecut makes 4 points of contact underfoot for improved and direct edge control; contact points create heel and toe pivot points for faster, more efficient turning.
Bamboo sidewalls deliver impact durability, edge performance and return.

Topsheet features a protective ultrathin finish, made from a castor-bean-based bioplastic, that guards against damage caused by loose bindings and unforeseen impacts
Power plies act like a third layer of fiberglass to structurally enhance the board; this composite layer maximizes return and improves durability.

Rocket sintered base provides unmatched durability, wax absorption and speed; stone-ground finish is ride ready.

Steel edges are 60% recycled material.

Please specify desired size.

Includes shipping in the US.
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We ship anywhere in the world using EMS and have had universal success. This price covers 1 board, insured anywhere.
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Built in the USA with environmen- tally conscious materials, the Gnuru is back as a Good Wood winner for being a fun, forgiving, playful shred stick.

Mean edge hold and a playful core. It’s smooth off jumps, has rail, pipe, and carve game."

Aspen and Columbian Gold wood deliver a responsive, snappy core, making this one a true shred guru.
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Self-balancing on many axes
intelligent lighting
top speed 20kph
20 minute recharge

Creates sensation reminiscent of floating
$1,200.00 BTC0.0928
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The fastest self balancing board on the market
- 10mph
- 1 hour charge lasts 7-9 miles

Includes worldwide shipping.
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2014 model
full warranty
ups shipped worldwide
$699.00 BTC0.0541
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10/10 Wheelhover Board
rated 1905 days ago   took 7 days to arrive
10/10 Arbor Abacus Splitboard
rated 2106 days ago   took 8 days to arrive
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