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WANTED successful cancer treatment 4 btc
My friend Jack has lymph node cancer. He can’t afford treatment, nobody will even begin to treat him without insurance or a ridculous pile of cash up front. I have no idea what he actually needs but I can afford this much since I was fairly early on bitcoin and I have frequent flier miles to get him anywhere on the planet. I hope there is some kind of shot here.
So sorry to hear this I understand the pain as I’ve lost my dear ones to this evil bitch.

Regardless of what people advice on different treatments and methods the only thing I say is your better off giving end of life care than exhausting methods and letting people take advantage of money.

My dearest past away 6 years ago and the only comfort they found was RSO or shatter wax oil. I have wax/oil which is 70% THC and is perfect for relaxation and pain management.

More than happy to send you a sample to check for yourself. I have a handful of patients who solely rely on this as they’ve exhausted all other methods. Feel free to reach out
What options is he seeking?

I'm no professional but medical tourism is the mans best option. If 4 btc is what you have, I can easily personal message some possible facilities that might be a great option.
Thanks very much that sounds like a good idea
Absolutely man, look into Malaysia, Indonesia, India, & Thailand believe it or not. Their medical tourism facilities rival Western counterparts par on par except they aren't trying to turn you into a debt slave for it. Try to get in touch personally with the hospitals that are oriented for foreigners there; there are a lot of third party agencies that organize everything, but then they also skim a lot of your money and don't always give you the needs you require. Check out Patients Without Borders as a good nonprofit guide. You might be able to find previous years handbooks available with more in depth info on specific facilities and their capacity in specialization. If you can't find it I can try to rummage one up for you man. Best of luck and best wishes to you and your friend man. Our damn medical culture is a fucking clusterfuck so here's to finding him some good health abroad.
Clusterfuck is a perfect description. I can vouch for Bangkok hospitals, makes most western ones ones look like shitholes, very advanced and luxurious to boot and its less than the cost of your deductible.
I'm really sorry to hear about your friend, please seriously make them consider stem cell treatment ASAP, because I know of two other people who have had this, and that has not only helped in both cases, in one case it has cured the cancer. With stem cell treatment there chances of survival are much higher. Please look into centers that do this, and think about setting up a gofundme page to raise the dosh, theres no time to waste amigo, good luck ;)
Medical tourism would be your best. And I would ignore the suggestions to beat it with THC, shamans, miracle pills. Instead they’ll likely need chemo and radiotherapy to beat it! I work for a charity that treats people with cancer!
My recommendation would be to get in contact with a very good indigenous shaman who works with Kambo medicine.
This is a treatment with frog venom that cleanes and detoxifies the body. I have a contact in Peru if you are interested.
I have access to RSO aka Rick Simpson that is proven to stick.ulate apoptosis. If you need it, let me know.
We have multiple cancer patients using our RSO oil ( directly ), I'm not saying it's a concrete solution, though it is definitely considered helpful, also I have read they use turkey tail mushroom in China to help boost the immune system. Goodluck :)
Get some turkey tail extracts in whilst you're figuring out what to do next.
THC has been proven to fight tumors

here we have some very strong thc pills
we can provide this in syringe form for some suffering from lypmh node cancer if they find swallowing difficult

respect to you for trying to help out a friend.
below is the link for our thc capsules listing 8 x 100mg
You will not beat cancer with THC and that’s dangerous advice to give! I work for a cancer charity and I’ve seen first hand the danger of non-doctors giving medical advice!
Appreciate your sentiment entirely, but this is an odd site for the poster to come to if they don’t want THC to feature somewhere in the suggestions?
What's your thought on RSO oil?
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