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{bounties} {earn crypto}
joined mar 2013
Bounties should be backed up by a reputation or escrowed funds.
share {bounties} {earn crypto} and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
17 topics on {bounties} {earn crypto}
earn bitcoin the biggy way with reference codes
share biggy content and the chips start piling up, just:

*click share when youre logged in, this embeds your token into the url.

**share the content anywhere on the web. you can share interesting topics, items or people, there's something for every audience.

***count the chips at transaxe, they send you a message after your 1st share. register your btc address with the link they provide.

thats it, if you need help give me a shout i work with crypto influencers, musicians and artists of every stripe.
in response to those that have asked via dm -

do not worry if the content you see is not appropriate for your audience.

remember little biggy is open to all kinds of content.

if you don't see something you are comfortable sharing just add suitable content (links, images, discussion) then share it on the web from here.
I can't find "share" anywhere, where should i be looking??
it appears after every item, topic and comment. it also appears on user pages after their profile.
not on my computer it doesn't, I mean, i can see it in the example you have shown above, "comment" and "share" written next to it (in blue text) but thats the first time I've ever seen "share " anywhere on this site
Finally sorted it , it was "ad-blocker" running in the background that was the problem, I disabled it and now the "share" word appears everywhere ....happy days,
also look above on this (or any other) page

there's even a upvote button next to every comment, like when people help you ;)
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