{bounties} {earn crypto}
{bounties} {earn crypto}
Bounties should be backed up by a reputation or escrowed funds.
joined mar 2013
generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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Mister Ed Needs Help
WANTED Asian Community Managers
Arabic, Korean, Hindi, Malay, Japanese, Mandarin, Turkish

Translate and create new little biggy pages
Establish and maintain social media presence

A+ quality starting point earns $100s
A+ quality recurring effort earns $1000s monthly
Escrow protected, paid anonymously in btc or any crypto

Writing samples and demonstrated social media skills are required. Send me a message please.
I'm Vietnamese and specialize in social media marketing, direct copy writing, and seo to get your pages ranked. What would you like :)
mercedes buns
mercedes buns
Is there anyway I can demonstrate my social media skills while remaining anonymous?
Madame Deal
Madame Deal9.4/10
Yes, mesage me directly and we will do that.
Wanted: Cannabis Journalists
testing research
Wanted: Social Marketing Help
Wanted: Arabic Translation
one joint for a gif of Brum stoned
£ & € Pricing
Wanted: Writers for Bitcoin Buying Guide
lazy twats with talent
Creators Wanted
dr zaius
by  dr zaius
WANTED Access to a nitrogen canning facility in uk
GOLD on Me Instagram
by  willia
WANTED successful cancer treatment 4 btc
by  rajrodger
usd.btc 200 for a 3 min video on cannabis stealth
150usd.btc for a commercial
$100 (btc) for chinese translation
bigg now