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Bounties should be backed up by a reputation or escrowed funds.
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earn bitcoin the biggy way with reference codes
by  willia
WANTED successful cancer treatment 4 btc
Wanted: Cannabis Journalists
lazy twats with talent
Free Crypto for you Little Biggas
by  zeppomarx
Make NFTs from Posts
post my links around eu (100usd+)
Sharing BTC ref codes allowed?
devvy borg
[hiring] open research: crypto wallets
translate lb pages for a better world
Design & Full Stack Developer
Have I missed the boat?
by  Breendwag
Facebook page designer wantes
why work for crypto instead of fiat money?
by  rajrodger
usd.btc 200 for a 3 min video on cannabis stealth
Wanted: Arabic Translation
Wanted: Writers for Bitcoin Buying Guide
bishops of glory
Creators Wanted
We have a few content creation gigs here send us some examples of your skills

Cannabis Chemists
Vids on making the perfect concentrates.

Cannabis Critics
Compare bud and delight viewers

Grow Guru
Show us how it's done
The content I'd like to show you has my irl identity and I'd like to keep that out of this. Anything we can do here?
bishops of glory
Sure, just post it on your lb page
I'd love to get involved with this, videographer with 10 years experience, wide photography knowledge and credits include major UK media outlets (won't mention any direct company names here), would love to have more info

Drop me a message and I can provide you with any portfolio you need to see, dont want to be too public on here
Hey I have been smoking for pain relief for over 25 years and have recently become certified as a level 1 professional Interpener, if my reports would be useful; probably in conjunction with some one else's review just let me know.

I have linked my first report.

Take care

Todd's Sure Thangs
what languages?
Where can I find Solidity Developers?
Wanted: Sticker Design for LB Referrals 40USD
sia coin: earn crypto for sharing storage
Build, Deploy, and Sell Your Own Dynamic NFT
Best Way To Get Bitcoin 2021 (UPDATED)
Mister Ed Needs Help