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Goodbye IRL Hello Meritocracy
the same old revolution is still avoidable
by  jksez
What if Reparations for Slavery were Paid Instead of Bank Bail Outs?
by  24601
What is Surveillance Capitalism?
by  E.T.
How Can the Stock Market Go Up When So Many People Are Unemployed?
a history of mercantalism
by  yagz
AI So What. There will always be work.
how hard is it to get skills anymore?
the growing divide between rich and poor, the loss of jobs to immigrants and robots, youth unemployment, nearly every economic problem is caused by a lack of value producing skills.

but why? nearly everything you could do in this world can be learned for free with this little invention called the world wide web. i think you have heard of it even if you don't have an expensive computer.

a p.o.s. android phone and free wifi has you in many of the finest classrooms on earth, you don't need a wing named after your grandfather anymore.

if you don't have the patience for this there is a youtube video for 21st century dummies on nearly every lesson on earth, pause, rewind, learn at your own pace for free.

yeah sorry, the assembly line that paid for 3 weeks off isn't hiring anymore, neither is the lord's farm or those stone hauling gigs down in egypt. things have changed - for the better.
British Bulldog
British Bulldog9.9/10
Acquiring knowledge is different to acquiring skills.

You're not going to learn how to deal with patients, or good bedside manner, if you're a nurse, from a YouTube video.

Nor dealing with livestock if you're a farmer. These things come with time on the job.

I do agree though that your average degree, certainly in humanities, can be done from your sofa.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. I think sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have this amount of knowledge at our fingertips.

Just my 2p.

Cheers BB
yeah you need zoom for that
I get what your saying but the person carrying out the skilled job more often than not needs proper training and certification if not just for the client but more importantly for insurance purposes!
Insurance would work a lot better if there were public records of outcomes on a blockchain rather than a certification authority that inevitably becomes a racket.
Hootie and the Blow Job
Hootie and the Blow Job
I've seen shops in the states with 5 different business permits.
Anyone can acquire the skills that they want, it just depends upon how dedicated they are. I mean there's a shit ton of skills that i want to master and learn, but usually i'm busy with other things. The internet is a wonderful thing. But also, it takes a lot of time to learn certain skills and most people like my self are quite lazy and can't be asked to learn new things, unless they really want to.
mj3b1 lewis
mj3b1 lewis
This is true from the perspective of individuals, but what about societies. Societies like governments take most f our resources under the auspices of producing better outcomes.

If society says yeah anyone can do anything if they play the game right that's a fail. It should be a matter of course that an honest and motivated person is going to do well but that's not what we have. The only sure thing in our society is access to power.
True but I'm not sure about "anymore". It's always been possible for motivated people to acquire skills, it's easier now but I don't think that is going to change the dynamic. People are afraid and or lazy when it comes to pursuing things that aren't right up in their face.
Leslie Wagner
Leslie Wagner
So then it becomes a kind of responsibility to put it up in their face.
The L Grow Collective
The L Grow Collective9.5/10
It's yo mommas responsibility.
Reduced to
If so responsibilities come with these powers.
There are 2 ways for a society to get power over a person, agreement or force. If it's truly agreement then there aren't any great philosophical dilemmas over what it does because it's implicit to any action.

If it's force the society will operate in the interest of those that control that force.
by  coldspurs
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phds mvp
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Companies Die Like People, Cities Live Like Universes
by  gs
In the 1970s Irish Banks went on strike. Pubs replaced them easily.
by  RNCIN2012
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mr slowbot
Entrepreneurs are redesigning the basic building block of capitalism (Economist)
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