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Bitcoin surging
Financial returns of fascism?
What is Neo Feudalism?
As governments take over the economy partnering with corporations and the super rich we are left with something that looks a lot like feudal times.
Fascinating. Bleak. truly people have been brainwashed by the media and now vote with their wallets. Far more regulation required at the top end, we cant stop the progress, and in many ways it serves us well. Democracy can still win the day, and we can unite for the good of all people. Education is the key, and a few good humans can change the world. It cant be allowed that rampant free market capitalism destroys us. Roll on technical singularity, according to Moores law would be around 2042 but i believe the theory is faultering (Moores law) so might take a bit longer. Technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization. We have just leisure time so we study philosophy and all becone enlightened beings living in a tech utopia. Peace
Moore's law is doing fine once you abstract it to include progress besides chip density. Computation overall is on track when you include advances in software and a.i.
I think there has always been feudalism in one form or another. There is always a class that ultimately owns everything because they can confiscate it, grant it a "title" or tax it. This premise always leads to same outcome it's just a matter of how greedy or insane the current landlord is.
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What is Surveillance Capitalism?
Goodbye IRL Hello Meritocracy
the same old revolution is still avoidable
by  jksez
What if Reparations for Slavery were Paid Instead of Bank Bail Outs?
by  E.T.
How Can the Stock Market Go Up When So Many People Are Unemployed?
a history of mercantalism
by  yagz
AI So What. There will always be work.
how hard is it to get skills anymore?
by  coldspurs
The Gig Economy Is Failing. Say Hello to the Hustle Economy
How do banks "create" money?
by  spiceX1
Frédéric Bastiat
The problem of doctors’ salaries (atlantic)
why is empty housing a popular investment?
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When will AI replace every job?
Machine Money and People Money
mr slowbot
Why is redlining considered immoral by most people?
What is post-scarcity?
The Industrial Era Ended, and So Will the Digital Era
Japan Breaks the Basic Laws of Economics
phds mvp
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Companies Die Like People, Cities Live Like Universes
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In the 1970s Irish Banks went on strike. Pubs replaced them easily.
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What if Taxes were started for churches at least Scientology the World has enough Bad fiction already spread too thick f…
why don't you libertarians ever go off on the medical system? it's the coziest relationship between government and indu…
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Entrepreneurs are redesigning the basic building block of capitalism (Economist)
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How can people deal with natural monopolies?
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What is monetization?
Han duo
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Does bitcoin have real potential in Greece?
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