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100+ sales
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10/10 100 Modalert Bitcoin Special
rated 1 day ago  
10/10 100 Modalert Bitcoin Special
Always a great product
rated 5 days ago   took 8 days to arrive
10/10 Modvigil 200mg - 30 tabs
rated 8 days ago   took 18 days to arrive
Hey there! I sent you a PM! If you could look over the message I would appreciate it! thanks. 
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment  
Hi! Can u shil to Hungary? How much it cost? 
Hi! PM sent, please check it!
Wholen comment  
Wholen, yes
  RX ReX 9.7/10 comment  
I’m a few cents short on my order due to a bitcoin math error or change in price. It’ll cost me almost $10 to buy bitcoin and send it to you. What should I do? 
not a problem Boo. thank you for your order
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +1
RX, Many thanks. First order blues are now cured.
  Booliman comment   +1
Do you ship modafinil to Brazil? If so, what is the chance of being picked up by customs? Thanks 
we do, order with tracking
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +0.2
ReX, I can't track my order. Please, read my pm. Thanks. 
you have a response Juanito
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment  
RX, Thank you again Rex :) .
  Juanito comment  
is this sampler pack still available? how do i buy it?
oedih comment   +2.5
~ courtesy of leidenmace ~
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +5
Hello, I sent you a message asking for my tracking number. Could you reply me? . 
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment  
Hey RX,I ordered without making an account, but have now made one and would like to track my order. How do I go about doing that?Thanks 
please send us a pm with your address, we can locate the order that way.
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment  
RX, Anyone with this problem just needs to go to their order page and then register from there, it's picked up once you are registered.
  makesmefeelsoicantcontrolmybrain comment  
Is it possible to order a qty of 100 of the artvigil? 
Go to Rex ||, he has larger sizes there.
refUGh comment  
Is EMS average shipping days to arrive based on business days or regular days? 
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment  
Do you ship to Hong Kong? 
Yes since 2013
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +1
Hi just sent bitcoin payment can you confirm receipt? 
Please have a look at your order page, its updated in real time from the bitcoin network, usually this takes under 2 minutes. If you cant access your order page (ie ordered without an lb user account and lost your link) then just message me and we will deduce which order is yours. Nothing is ever lost.
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +1
ReX Studios Afinil Unboxing Video 
~courtesy of mathemagician~
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +3.1
RX, A genre of film is born here, more methodical than Bergman, edgy, yet more uplifting than Godard. It's clearly shot under the influence, the patience and intensity is something one only finds in Moda Media.
  Leo Van comment   +2
I wasn't sure how to leave you a review, but received modafanil today. Thank you very much for quick shipping and product as described. 
thank you amelia! if you didnt order anonymously you can leave a review :) much appreciated
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +5
I ordered 100 modalert today. I did this prior to registering with littlebiggy. Could you please send me the receipt Thanks 
Just use your order link, it's in your browser history.
YOUBET 9.3/10 comment   +1.5
Have you shipped to Brazil before? Is it possible to provide you with shipping instructions in order to minimize the chance of the item being held by customs? 
Any chance you can share those special instructions? I get maybe half my international packages here and it doesn't seem to matter what it is being shipped.
cuarto sueno comment  
cuarto, sure, at least when I order stuff from the US, I use USPS' priority mail service (I think it is one of the cheapest options), it kind of sucks because it takes a little longer for the packages to arrive, but the brazilian customs doesn't pay much attention to those packages. That probably happens because the volume of packages that come through it is a lot higher and the items generally have lower value (therefore, if you use high end services such as fedex, DHL, etc there is a pretty high chance that your item will be held). On top of that, the packages must be as "low key" as possible. The more they resemble regular letters, the less likely they are to be held. Last, but not least, in the customs form the items must be declared as "gift" with declared values in the range of 10-30 USD.
  rogerthat comment   +2.5
rogerthat, roger, roger thanks!
cuarto sueno comment   +1
you can always or with tracking to follow the process
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment  
How come I cannot get 100 modvigils for 100 bucks? 
You can now, thanks for the feedback Ravenflow.
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +4
RX, I am not seeing the item. I see the WakAlert 100/$100 but not the modavigil (modalert.)
  jollyroger comment  
What is average shipping time for EMS express option to USA? 
varies, on a good day around 1 week
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +1
Hey Rex! I've ordered several times from you and have always been happy using the transaxe credit card payment option. As of right now, are you bitcoin only? 
Yes, credit cards are not a safe way to buy these products. I suggest you use your card to buy bitcoins, there are many helpful people on little biggy for just this.
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +3
What is the correct modafinil dosage? 
If you aren't a recent user of any related enhancers I suggest you try one half of a 200 mg tablet for a one day effect. If this isn't effective take a full tablet.
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +5.2
Is it safe to order modafinil online? 
As with any online purchase, real reviews are the only thing a buyer can rely on. Rx Rex is the only modafinil provider subject to a buyer review system.

Buyers keep me on my toes not only for quality but also stealthy and speedy shipping. It is my pleasure to deliver both to you, guaranteed.
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +5.8
RX, When shipping Modafinil to the US, which shipper do you use?
  teancum144 comment   +2.5
teancum144, all orders will arrive via usps registered mail.
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +3
RX, is that "signature required"? or just electronic tracked?
  cab658 comment   +1.5
Hi. I live in South Korea and heard that the customs here is tougher than US. I want to know if you have shipped to South Korea and if some got seized by the customs. 
yes, we have had success
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +2.5
RX, south korea i would say use korean characters on the name and address
  Han duo comment   +1
Also, when is the expiry date for waklert please? Thanks 
usually over a year
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +2
How can I notify you about not receiving the order? 
just private message me your order info - last name and city of delivery - and i'll find out where it is for you. not to worry!
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +3
Modalert BSP2973 is not doing much for me for the last 5 days. I still get sleepy in the morning and afternoon when I take a whole tablet 1st thing in morning. RxRex, what can you do for me? 
A few things -
are you hydrating to the extreme?
what is your sleep schedule like?
what is your previous usage history?
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +3.8
RX, Thanks RxRex! Felt better after applying your advice.
1st time Modafinil user. Anxious about what to expect.
Pls share any pro tips with noobies like me would be awesome
  df2k5 comment   +2
df2k5, there is lots of great information and usage experience on the {modafinil} little biggy check it out and let me know if i can help with anything else?!
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +4
Do you send email alerts, such as, when an order is received, when an order is shipped? I ordered, but without registering, but did enter my email address in the order. Thanks. 
updates and messages are sent via your order confirmation, so registering is a good idea. but if you don't register you can just message me through the private message prompt above with whatever questions you have about your order.
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   -0.5
RX, The email alerts are sent to registeted users, they basically say "login to littlebiggy for a mesaage", they don't say anything about your order or even mention your username. There really is no value in not registering.
  doctor doc comment  
Modalert 200mg Unboxing Video 
check out this Unboxing Video with text notes courtesy of ~ jolly roger ~
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +4.2
What's the difference between Modalert and Waklert? 
Armodafinil (Waklert) has a quicker onset, requires a smaller dosage, lasts a little longer, and usually costs a bit more than Modafinil (Modalert). For most the choice is based on personal preference.
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +3.5
Hey man, is there any reason to try out armodafinil? I am getting good results with modafinil, but wonder, am I missing out? 
Physiological responses to both differ from person to person. Consistent reports of less side effects with armodafinil (headaches), but again, these are subjective experiences.
RX ReX 9.7/10 comment   +2
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