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Frosty Frank
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what three words best describe you?
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{lb help}
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Should you be using this site via a VPN ?
Yeah they kind of creep me out, the images on their site seem subtly referential to kiddie porn, plus they are in the states which is a shit jurisdict…
What is post-scarcity?
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Has anyone else noticed how many anti-depressants make it harder to get high on weed? Dose anyone know how and/or why?
Just a matter of time before cannabis becomes a government racket too, hang in there cowboy.
Well since reputation is everything around here, no this doesn't make sense. Civil war, been there done that.
What happens If I never receive my purchase?
Did you do the math in Trade Behavior Based Resolution? It's pretty complicated so if you need any help just ask.
We Need a New Term for Smoke "Sessions"
Puffs I've always like better anyway.
Harvey Weinstein For President
You think that but look at his eyes "yeah we'll see whose smiling at the after party"
I am looking for a substitute for health insurance so I can get the hell out of the place I work, can you help?
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Anonymize, how can i tell what my ip address is now?
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Satoshi Nakamoto is identified*you bet to win 10 btc* discussion
what if bitcoins no longer exist when it settles?
Creating Disposable Identities: a guide for beginners discussion
i can vouch for this guide its a brilliant value