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12 hours wireless operation/charge
ios controls
cable for wired sound option
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I only recommend these for listeners that are in love with the design and will use the headphones primarily in wired mode.
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The ultimate wireless headphones, designed by Philippe Starck
high quality sound, particularly bass
touch-sensitive controls on the right earpiece
auto-pause when you remove headphones
cable for wired listening
active noise-cancellation
NFC capabilities
READ web reviews
Highly recommended
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use for mono calls and stereo music

comes with quite decent ear buds

skip and volume control ios compatible

i recommend these to anyone that wishes to untether existing great headphones.
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any starter
entry models for
marley buds
sol republic tracks

change pairs up to 4 times
postage to you included
$20 fee each time
lasts 2 years

deposit 1st world countries 7%
2, 3rd world countries $17

replenished for breakage
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these cut all the bother out of headphones - weight, batteries, they don't even have an on switch. but they do have an apple controller and mic. and great sound.

EDIT: and replace those bothers with new ones: chord breaks within days of normal walking use, incompetent support and website.
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2 year repair plan on any item
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10/10 headphone demo plan
rated 1688 days ago   took 7 days to arrive
10/10 headphone demo plan
rated 1704 days ago   took 5 days to arrive
10/10 headphone demo plan
rated 1947 days ago   took 9 days to arrive
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