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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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Why BTC when you have STABLECOINS
Nice, what are the exchanges like in USA and UK?
Best weed movie?
How To Control Guns
tldr its a tech problem :). i think that’s r…
A new theory of addiction
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elevators are the way to go - to space
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Guru on hacking cannabis receptors
Fuck that this guy's name is Sadghuru for a reason
{buy help}
I'm baffled by pgp. I found someone on here offering to help, but they haven't been logged in for over a month. Please h…
Here's a good tutorial
Happy Birthday Ross Ulbricht
Bill and Ted (well the actors that played them) ma…
Plato - the 1960s Internet Dream
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Panic buying !!
very good advice bigga
Life extension and reversal of the Epigenetic Clock. Good or bad?
Thanks just that genetic measurement of age is an …
Giant rockets 3d printed
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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year LB
Happy Hanukah too and Pancha Ganapati
Just How Much Would It Cost To Buy Congress Back From Special Interests?
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Not received an order which has been paid
go to escrow suisse right away and they will sort …
Did you make an escrow claim you shouldnt lose tha…
Proven: US Democracy = What China imposes on Hong Kong
In both countries its a free market economy for sm…
{lb help}
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Should I go ahead and order if seller hasn't replied to message?
True this
Why can't I find harder shit on little biggy?
Then buy a few Skinner boxes and OD your shit.
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China kills AI chatbots that learn to praise US
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doctor doc
is this cancer?
This is the kind of device that will get repressed…