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Does bitcoin have real potential in Greece?
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Best weed movie?
A cloud city on Venus is doable
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on  {nations}
China kills AI chatbots that learn to praise US
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Giant rockets 3d printed
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what if we sent weed to conflict zones instead of soldiers?
Huge fucking smoke loud, that's your answer.
The MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award
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Plato - the 1960s Internet Dream
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How To Control Guns
tldr its a tech problem :). i think that’s right
Life extension and reversal of the Epigenetic Clock. Good or bad?
Thanks just that genetic measurement of age is an eye opener. Seems once you can do this you can measure everything we do against it.
Having trouble buying? Let me help you use your card to get btc!
And don't forget she accepts tips, be a G!
Patents Are Immoral
This seems to be a stronger argument for chemistry which even if original is only a few steps away from nature.
elevators are the way to go - to space
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Why BTC when you have STABLECOINS
Nice, what are the exchanges like in USA and UK?
A new theory of addiction
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Guru on hacking cannabis receptors
Fuck that this guy's name is Sadghuru for a reason
{buy help}
I'm baffled by pgp. I found someone on here offering to help, but they haven't been logged in for over a month. Please h…
Here's a good tutorial
Happy Birthday Ross Ulbricht
Bill and Ted (well the actors that played them) made a movie about him called deep web
Panic buying !!
very good advice bigga