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Can you write Android Apps?
why I don't care
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Why Young Americans Are Having Less Sex
Face it: they are too fat to fuck
young mula
Feta Kuti Live 1987
Spoken like an unmarried male.
Say what you like but where can you find more freedom than the U.S.?
Be careful lad, her Highness doesn't like it when her subjects get out of line.
RIP Aaron Swartz11.08.86 - 01.11.13
one of the fathers of a nation said give me liberty or give me death.
this father of something even bigger executed them.
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Is Europe Disintegrating? (ny review of books)
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Meet The Band
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Julian Assange in police custody *you bet to win usd $100* discussion
if this were not a long term bet and thus a wager on your own longevity the odds would be really good and i'd wager. no offense, in many ways you are…
Satoshi Nakamoto is identified*you bet to win 10 btc* discussion
what are the odds for Gavin Anderson doxed as Satoshi?