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Can you write Android Apps?
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Why Young Americans Are Having Less Sex
Face it: they are too fat to fuck
Say what you like but where can you find more freedom than the U.S.?
Be careful lad, her Highness doesn't like it when …
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Feta Kuti Live 1987
Spoken like an unmarried male.
RIP Aaron Swartz11.08.86 - 01.11.13
one of the fathers of a nation said give me libert…
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Is Europe Disintegrating? (ny review of books)
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Meet The Band
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Julian Assange in police custody *you bet to win usd $100* discussion
if this were not a long term bet and thus a wager …
Satoshi Nakamoto is identified*you bet to win 10 btc* discussion
what are the odds for Gavin Anderson doxed as Sato…
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