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Jamaican Sense (or sess?)
Hi All,

Around 15 years ago I used to live in London and there was a period where i found it hard to score and i came across a Jamaican dude who sold weed.
When i went to see his 'menu' he had several varieties but they all looked the same compressed thai weed style so i asked him which was the best and he pointed to some brick looking weed and said "This is jamaican sense, its the best weed around" he explained how lucky i am to catch him with some in, he also told me its expensive (same price as dank berrys which was best i could get at that time)
I reluctantly bought some as i was desperate but then when i got home, another plug came through with 'real' weed so i left this on the side for several weeks.
I then got desperate again whilst with a friend and we decided to smoke it.
Now the effects are not very heavy but we both started laughing uncontrollably, then it wore off with no groggy effects, very clean high it was.
I then tested this weed with several other friends and everytime the result was the same - uncontrollable laughter and then them begging me to show them where i got it from.
I went back to this dude to get some more but he never got it back in stock and then he moved suddenly and i never found this weed ever again. I am searching for it and i tried several landrace on here, and although they are good, they are not the good laughing shit like the 'jamaican sense' was.
Can anyone please help me locate such perfect weed??
I seen greentech had some Jamaican gear that seemed popular as it was at the top of the wonder wall for a bit

Not heard much from him lately or seen anything on the wall? Might be on sabbatical?
Yeh I remember seeing that now , wasn’t even long ago 😆but didn’t try it as my friend gets good high grade , check out the reviews to see if it compares to the stuff you use to get . Would of thought greentech will be back at some point
I tried the Jamaican Chocolate listing he had a few months back and it's not the stuff I was looking for. It was also stronger than I expected where the effects were more inline with skunk.
I am a bit surprised no-else appears to have tried this before.
I was searching online and the only strains I can find that it might be are either Laughing Buddha or Lambs Bread.
I need to find these strains to eliminate them if not lol
Love ya thinking 🤔
What ur looking at is regular seed grown bud. Which is outdoor potluck of male or female flowers. The females are smokeable & called sensi.
The males breed.

Even the most expensive listing on biggy will still be a faker version of a female regular seed plant, because theyve been feminized.

Growers make seeds to hope they turn into females for profit, but it will never have the power of regular because regular can be hit or miss. So its grown in fields

The closest ul get here is thai.

Btw if you feel dissapointed you cant find it again, the very first joint i smoked was sensi & its never been the same since.
I had a smile from ear to ear i said wtf is this loooooooool.
Literally 15 yrs ago too how funny
Think your best asking DIUK about this as they seem to have the most landrace weed but I can’t remember them having any Jamaican variety (they probably have)
Do you have a pic of this Jamaican sense as I get different variety’s from a pal & ranges from 120-180 per oz & it’s always really compressed stuff , the best one i had of him was only 140 , mid green colour & not one seed in it , nicest bush weed ever had tbh
Hope you find what your looking for , stay patient something might turn up on here
Hey thanks about the tip, I have bought several items of DIUK and will check his menu out more thoroughly.
I don't have a pic as was so long ago but it looked like typical brown/green compressed commercial grade bush weed, nothing special.
I am convinced there are others here who have tried this stuff. It's like taking a guaranteed laughing pill
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