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To bring Jah's love to everyone in this realm.

To stand up to those that would stand in the way of love.

The Muskabuzz commitment is eternal and universal, the Samurai simply help with the most difficult parts of our obligation.

Clients in simpler circumstance should join us at the Jah Portal.

Jah bless.
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40% Sky Train
30% Greenstein
30% Mammary Indica

Exhilarate to a single focal point on Jah's Realm. That it is itself infinite is hardly to this point, your mind has absorbed ithe entirety and it has also absorbed you,

Once delivered to a locus of univeral conscious you see the infinitesimal and the infinite are one.

Amazingly positive, productive and deliciously tangy this powerhouse combines the depth of Indica with the charge of sativa. A limited opportunity.

United States only.
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A particularly fast acting and powerful sativa, Bullet Train simultaneously delivers a penetrating, delicate and extraordinarily smooth ride.

A cousin to Sky Train and grandchild to New York City Diesel.

Promptly shipped from Canada to anywhere on Jah's Earth. Includes global delivery and tracking.
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Includes global shipping and tracking. 1lb available upon request from select clients.
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Batch 3.0 is here.

The Muskabuzz delight in serving all those seeking energy, inspiration, and diesel powered drive, The Manhattan Project is our ongoing effort to deliver Sativa energy in its fastest acting, most concentrated, and most explosive form.

Unites States only, includes free shipping.
$615.00 BTC0.0516 56 grams
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United States only, includes shipping.
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og G is the Muskabuzz Flagship Kush for 2015.

Its roots shared with Fleetwood, Mammary Indica
and Earl, this is an indica with extraordinary effect on every receptor, gently raking a trail of magic from air to soul.

Current batch "Beau Dank"

Includes shipping from Canada to anywhere on earth.
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Who says neurons get to have all the fun?

This powerful combination of high CBD strains, OG Kush and a dash of Sativa treat your body to the maximum medical benefits of cannabis while delivering more than the measure of traditional Muska wallop.

56 grams (2 ounces) delivered worldwide from Canada without charge.

A glorious afternoon and evening smoke followed by blessed rest whilst your body absorbs Jah's blessings.
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There is no finer means to sustain cannabis enjoyment than Eldorados:

Neither human nor canine have ever uncovered the secret of Eldos, they've successfully crossed all of earth's toughest borders (including all of east asia). And your consumption is as clandestine as our delivery, take pride not fear in possession of Jah's great gift.

Essential Purity
Muska Co2 extraction removes all plant matter that doesn't contribute to it's stunning 80% THC, leaving the cleanest and healthiest cannabis experience ever attained.

Social Compatibility
Eldorados are 100% odorless and smokeless and so are you, people around you appreciate this greatly.

Includes three 2.5MBz* and two 3.5MBz capsules.
*1 MBz = smoking 1 bowl of Muskabuzz cannabis, offering elevation for 1.5-3.5 hours.

Edibles can require practice for some digestive systems, to increase potency take on an empty stomach and eat 45 minutes afterwards.

For more selection and information visit our planetEldorado page.
$75.00 BTC0.0063 5 capsules
$350.00 BTC0.0294 25 capsules
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10/10 Manhattan Project Sativa
rated 67 days ago   took 8 days to arrive
10/10 Manhattan Project Sativa
rated 149 days ago   took 7 days to arrive
10/10 Manhattan Project Sativa
rated 203 days ago   took 9 days to arrive
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