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bit easy really
Credit cards are not a safe way to make private purchases, bitcoins are and they introduce you to a world of freedom and efficiency ;0 I'm a big believer and I'm here to help anyone.

You'll also find good resources at {bitcoin}

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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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10/10 a small tip for me :)
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10/10 a small tip for me :)
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I’m new and need help!!
Hi, I’m new and haven’t a clue about Bitcoin. I’ve just created a account on localbitcoin but it will only let me buy 1 but coin which is like £6000. How do I buy a smaller amount?? And do I need a wallet to keep it in?? No worries I’ve sorted it, won’t be long before I’m endulging myself ?
You should have an option to choose the currency amount like £50, or have the choice to buy part of a coin I.e. 0.001 bitcoin.

I use coinbase but also have a BRD account.
I use Coinbase to buy crypto. Still searching for a cheaper option in the UK.
Wish I could - still half way though filling registration in and stuck on question... Source of funds, but only gives me the options "employment" (in which case, it asks for employment info), "investment," "inheritance," and "mining."

Even asking what my job is, giving a long list to pick from with no other option available.
Blockchain has already come through so I’ve placed my order. Excited now!!! Thanks for all the help!!!
bit easy really
bit easy really10/10
Any time dog :)
I’ve bought two lots now, £50 from block chain an app on my phone and £50 from another site on my pc (someone suggested the site on here earlier) Both have said I’ve gota wait 48 hours for my payment to be verified?? They haven’t taken any money yet but I’ll give it a couple of days and see what happens.
LBC is a lousy place for a noob especially with a small transaction mate. Coinbase is easy to get started then move on to something better.
bit easy really
bit easy really10/10
There are many traders on lbc, with much lower minimums than that. It's possible to buy just a few quids worth. PM me and I can take you though it step by step if needed.
by  RoseMary
New here today need advice please
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Got my 1st bitcoins same day, thanks :)
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Thanks for the bitcoin help!
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