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Made from Power Plant strains in the Ice-O-Lator.

Yellow green "strips" of pressed powder. A bit moist to the touch. It tends to "spread" apart between the fingers.

Slightly candy-cane mint scented. A sweet-green smell. Smells pretty pure and fresh with no signs of mould. (The pressing procedure often leaves traces of moisture and therefore, mould.) Not here.

Crystal-minted flavor

Nice strong and "peaking" high.
$46.00 BTC0.0058 3 grams
$67.00 BTC0.0085 5 grams
$159.00 BTC0.0201 20 grams
$640.00 BTC0.0807 100 grams
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5 grams
Includes free sample of Madame's Bamm

Temples Balls have been around Nepal for thousands of years, I feel my ancestors when I smoke this :)

Black, soft and aromatic this produces produces a very potent high.

See y'all at the Temple
$64.00 BTC0.0081 5 grams
$190.00 BTC0.024 20 grams
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20 grams of Amnesia shake

Well let's see who isn't superficial. Bamm is the same on the inside as the pretty flowers it's just not pretty on the outside. Leafy yes but it smokes just like the pretties.
$129.00 BTC0.0163 20 grams
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Includes free sample of Madame's Bamm

Amnesia is smooth, the smell is a composition of lemons, it slides down your throat to deliver an intensive, yet mellow cerebral high.

This will make you smile like a happy idiot for hours. Definitely a social smoke, but not as pinny as other haze strains, so you wont regret smoking before bedtime.
$69.00 BTC0.0087 4 grams
$178.00 BTC0.0225 10 grams
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Includes Free Sample of Madame's Bam

High quality Moroccan Pollen Hash, smoke it or eat it, much more efficient, flexible and discrete than flower :)
$77.00 BTC0.0097 6 grams
$211.00 BTC0.0266 20 grams
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10/10 Madame's Polm Hash
Would highly recommend. Best stealth packaging i have seen. Got to Ireland no problem. Got a bit extra and all. Thanks again.
rated 23 days ago   took 10 days to arrive
10/10 Moroccan Hash
Great product and excellent customer service, highly recommended
rated 24 days ago   took 4 days to arrive
10/10 Madame's Polm Hash
rated 66 days ago   took 14 days to arrive
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