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There's always the empty mini-bottles. Keep a few in your carryon; just in case...
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A cloud city on Venus is doable
This is the coolest idea ever I think NASA is making a comeback.
Head transplants are here
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Proven: US Democracy = What China imposes on Hong Kong
I just saw the part where he shows there is no correlation between public support and legislation but a strong correlation between financial support a…
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Edward Snowden: The Internet Is Broken
Surveillance doesn't protect anybody from terrorism any more than banking laws against "terrorist finance". It's all about getting into you…
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Is it over the top to worry about anonymity when buying bitcoins?
Yeah but it's over the top to worry much about this in a practical sense.
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Post Modern War: Killing for Ratings
If its killings for ratings and the biggest arsenal on the planet is in the hands of a ratings whore yeah that might be something new