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Who Owns Guy Fawkes Day?
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10,000 times more Americans Are Killed From Medical Errors Than Terrorism
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aldous huxley interviewed by mike wallace
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Activity Around Distant Star May be Alien Civilization
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1st Visit from Other Side of a Blackhole
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What is post-humanism?
It's a bit vague if you ask me because it means *e…
What is the best DIY bong?
If you mean best and don't mind finding some tubin…
Financial returns of fascism?
We need to read people's hats in order to protect …
Bill Maher on Royalty
started topic
When will AI replace every job?
This. The whole idea of humans working for money s…
doctor doc
What foods counteract caffeine?
L-theanine is a good way to go makes your coffee a…
AI So What. There will always be work.
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how hard is it to get skills anymore?
There are 2 ways for a society to get power over a…
did world war 2 merely stall an inevitable trend of fascism?
Even Eisenhower, the General who defeated fascism …
Decreased Brain Plasticity from Modafinil
Doesn't matter who funded it, we count an adversar…
Leading Venture Capitalist is an AI
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Hyde Park 420 Cloud
what will you be wearing?
Should I Get a Genetic Screening Test?
I have researched this one a bit. 23 and me is pre…
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reddits new tracking:( and how to turn it off:)
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initiave: eliminate anonymous purchases
I am for the idea but I have to vote against the i…
Meet Light Sail 2
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Luggage Robot Follows You
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A fungus can reduce resistance to antibiotics
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bigg now