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Nerd moms of the future join me here as i gear up for my 4th child. I've had home, water, and cesarian births before and I'm combining these experiences with my engineering degree to see if we can't do things a little better in this century!
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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation uses benign electrical fields to intercept pain signals before they make it anywhere near momma's precious brain.
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It's been decades since we discovered music is good for growing healthy plants so why has it taken so long for humans?

Enter the belly bud, a simple embryonic iPod that has become something of a trendy item for nerd chic moms.
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Christian Doppler was only 39 when he fathered The Doppler Effect. That's 3 years younger than me when I'll mother my 4th baby! Thanks to him I'll know baby's heart rate with a precision only he could have imagined.

Once you fire it up you'll have something more than you expected, a bond that you can share not only with you baby but also your loved ones on the "outside"!
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Seamless cups give shape without adding size. Please message me with your size and due date.
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10/10 Maternal Pain Obliterator
Thank you for helping me through this, I am very against pain killers and was so happy when I found this :)
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8/10 Maternal Pain Obliterator
Momma says meh
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8/10 Belly Buds
Got these for my wife as an anniversary gift but, seems OK.
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