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Sag mir ich bin nicht alleine
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Successful Chatbot Lawyer Adds Immigration Practice
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Is anyone else having trouble with android?
This seems to have improved on my phone
we need an open source space colony
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When will AI replace every job?
yeah they oughta add an a.i. character for homer to play off of
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Do they not teach history anymore?
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What is the best Darknet shop which is not prone to exit scams?
Homey you are a promoter of a haven for fraud here, not an innocent messenger. Self-regulation starts with your own self. Then it's up to the folks ca…
{lb help}
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Is there a 'order sent' notification under history? All I see is unpaid, paid, ordered. I ordered on saturday and would …
Yes, your seller will change the status to "sent" after it is mailed. Remember this isn't UPS automated logistics. The seller is often goin…
Why does google point to so many cannabis scam sites?
says it all :)
Does anyone ship US weed overseas anymore?
l grow collective and the tree shop both do.…
Ask {modafinil} do you stop for summer?
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1 OZ Rocky Roach discussion
What is your delivery success to russia?
Any interest in like 25 bags of herbal incense? 3-10g each. Over 100g total. Shipped to usa only.
Why don't you just post this as item?
The start of an inguinal hernia trying to repair it using small amounts of cathinones. Any small quantity available? Tha…
Khat would be a much safer way to go, I believe there is a guy here on lb that sells it too.