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High grade magic mushrooms introduced to the modern world by shaman María Sabina of Oaxaca Mexico. Average user dose is 3.5 grams, noobsd should stick with 1/2 that.

Delivered in stealth worldwide.
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Dried, finely powdered, in vegan capsules with 500mg shrooms.

Powder can be taken out of caps for tea etc. retaining dose unit or easily swallowed with water or acidic fruit juice

2 - 3 caps - Inexperienced
4 - 6 caps - Average dose
6+ caps - Hardcore
$94.00 BTC0.0088 12 caps
$164.00 BTC0.0154 23 caps
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10/10 Magic Mushroom Capsules
rated 600 days ago   took 15 days to arrive
1/10 María Magic Mushrooms
rated 657 days ago  
10/10 Magic Mushroom Capsules
rated 710 days ago   took 6 days to arrive
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