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{what happened to the usa?}
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did world war 2 merely stall an inevitable trend of fascism?
Led Indulgence
can the USA be fixed?
in England we grew up loving American cowboy movies and the hero was always the same: quiet, cool and strong. to an outsider it seems this guy is dead and the cunt that owns the town and is always looking for more is the new America
the Kushans
Wow, it's hard to remember this is what human beings can be.
there has been so much more killing since then and as beautiful as this inspiration is, its hard to imagine there is enough love anywhere to stop the mass murder that is part of regular life now
Yes it can be saved and it starts with gratitude. We all stand on the shoulders America has built up from generations of relative freedom.
America stands on the grave of the British empire
Todd's Sure Thangs
Sure kid, just like a horse race.
Nasa is the best ambassador the US has, if they took 1/3 of the military budget and put into space travel the US would be back like Jordan.
Space travel for what? Branson is going to operate consumer flights, but how many times can billionaires fly to ISS before they get bored? Not many people can afford $150k for a short vacation.
tourism will always remain in the back seat. the commercialization of space has been about serving the planet as a whole with communications, its brought up the un-cabled world just like mobile phones have brought up the last mile. there is huge potential in energy production and distribution coming next.
Elon Musk estimates 5-10 years to get to Mars. At present the cost is $1 Billion per ton, so it'd need to be 1/1000th of the cost, apparently. The ship will also need to be reusable.
Traveling Mars is also not a point and shoot mission. You have to coordinate launches with the alignment of the planets' orbits to travel the shortest distance and not fly past the sun. This also requires a stay on Mars as you wait for safe realignment after landing. Current technology estimates a 21 month round-trip given a ~3 month stay on Mars. Money is not the biggest hurdle.
When I say 5-10 years, I mean to design and engineer the cost down, not journey time.
wigga what
go open source, add new states, virtual citizenship and most of all healthy competition with other nations not war
Competition in what? Our largest industries are healthcare and pharma. Getting Americans to change is a huge hurdle.
competition for new citizens, with decreasing population the game is going to change and the usa at least remembers how to play
No, this country is cursed, theres a lot of bad karma waiting.

k-rino has a nice rap-recap on this
You like this check out vinie paz on this
If its a 12 step program, seems like all this realisation right now is step 1.
outlaw political donations there's plenty of free coverage to get the pitches across anyway.
So who is the cool cowboy now?
America needs a strong leader. The country is in a mess and it's going to get a lot worse till it gets better.
The population grew to large. The citizen / individual is now a defunct concept. Group politics prevail. Democracy is dead.
americas greatness came from common values attracting immigration from around the planet. make that again and yall have a chance
Only problem I see is too many people
not enough young people, not enough people moving up economically.
Hollywood. The American dreM. Clever marketing for a past its date super power.
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