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Health hacks
So tell me people, what little tips have you all picked up along the way?!
For instance, I swear by using apple cider vinegar for basically everything? Surely I'm not the only one.... One shot every morning to start my day why not!
Go for a walk somewhere peaceful every day.

Not texting, nor gramming, or catching up with phonecalls.

Give your brain back the space and peace that the early 21st century took away, even if just for 20 minutes.
Drink a lot of water. It's crazy how little people drink. I go through 2 L before noon (you're almost always dehydrated after sleep - drinking coffee/tea dehydrate you even more). Then another 2-3 L for the rest of the day.
Besides occasional coffee in the morning (once or twice a week) I don't drink anything besides water.
I can't see a difference in my own health anymore (because I live like that for over 5 years now), but when I see my old pictures and how my skin looked like when I was constantly dehydrated - the change is huge. 14 years of acne went away without drugs or expensive creams. Only cream I use now is "fifty:50" (50% liquid paraffin, 50% white soft paraffin). So much money and stress saved.

Remember - skin is the largest organ in the body, but we tend to forget about it. It's the first and largest barrier against toxicity of your environment and keeping it in 'good shape' is very important for overall health (not only for cosmetic reasons).
Agreed on this completely. I drink so much water but I'd add it shouldn't be tap water. Nothing in life is free not even water
Good quality tap water is a start and better choice than plastic bottled water.

For filtering I would suggest reverse osmosis filter (just for drinking water, don't install it for your boiler). Brita filters, if properly maintained, are good start as well.
I would love a reverse osmosis filter but to pricey for me at the moment so highland spring it is.
Agreed. Water is powerful. Stay hydrated biggaz <3
and an extra glass for every joint
tea over coffee
Totally agree we should all drink more and think about what we’re putting in our bodies but tea and coffee have been proven to be hydrating and found towards liquid intake cudnt not defend my coffee sorry :)
I do love both tea and coffee as well, the problem is most people put milk and sugar which then probably ruins it
Mixing citrus juice with your green or black tea increase the amount of antioxidants absorbed by a factor of four. Without milk and sugar of course;)

Also eat your organic lemons whole.
Despite watering it right down, ACV gives me gut ache. Shame as there are so many potential benefits and for people who need help balancing their blood sugar levels it’s fantastic.....
Yeah that's a shame for you but you should try it on your skin it works wonders also
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