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CANNABIS CUP WINNER HERE!! Just like Andes Mints! Lovin it! These hand-made delicately infused chocolates start with only the finest raw ingredients including top quality cocoa beans from responsibly managed farms, prepared in small batches to ensure the ultimate taste, and sensational medicinal effects.

200mg (Lab tested) THC in 5*40 mg mini bars

Produces a euphoric high, more energetic than sedative, lifting the consumer’s mood and therapeutically relieving stress. and helping those who suffer from sleep deprivation.
$54.00 BTC0.006 1 bar
$402.00 BTC0.0446 10 bars
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Pax remains the standard bearer for mobile vaping and as the game changes to pre filled cartridges they again answer with innovation.

Cartisuers know it's all about temperature control but abstract controls don't help a device used to inhale THC. So PAX has an app for this, you can download it free.

This vaporizer comes with .5 gram premium oil cartridge which the folks at Bloom are producing for Pax. You are ready to roll in high style.
$91.00 BTC0.0101 indica 1 cartridge
$91.00 BTC0.0101 sativa 1 cartridge
$154.00 BTC0.0171 1 complete kit
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considered by many to be the best strain there is. a perfect balance between the sativa mind buzz and indica body high. our bumper crop means a great price right now.
$71.00 BTC0.0079 3.5 grams
$267.00 BTC0.0297 28 grams
$1,688.00 BTC0.1873 224 grams
$3,011.00 BTC0.334 448 grams
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About the most CBD anyone has ever got out of a strain, 20:1. Over 12% of this bud is CBD with only 1% THC. Incredibly relaxing, medicating and long lasting yet clear headed rather than trippy.

This bud is less trimmed than my others. Some of what is trimmed away from max THC is valuable from a CBD perspective and can be used for teas and cooking if you don't care to grind it for smoking.

If you are looking for pain relief, have a medical condition and want to substitute for pharmashiticals or simply want to explore the frontier of medical cannabis give CBDs a try.
$307.00 BTC0.0341 28 grams
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You'll like me when I'm Stoned

Bruce Banner #3 is one of the strongest strains in the universe, hitting THC levels close to 30%. it's a sativa-dominant hybrid of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel with woodsy, berry flavors and a diesel, fruity aroma.

And it lasts, considerably longer than the Hulk does, bringing you to a state of euphoria and then relaxing you but there is still energy so put it away before dark.
$71.00 BTC0.0079 3.5 grams
$109.00 BTC0.0121 7 grams
$190.00 BTC0.0211 14 grams
$265.00 BTC0.0294 28 grams
$498.00 BTC0.0553 56 grams
$1,686.00 BTC0.1871 224 grams
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Colorado's 710 Labs uses a single-solvent, proprietary BHO extraction technique to produce the most flavorful and potent product.

This shatter is glass like and extracted from from top shelf Kush.
extraction from
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$170.00 BTC0.0189 3 grams
$318.00 BTC0.0353 7 grams
$490.00 BTC0.0544 14 grams
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Relaxing and relieving, these drops make you feel good not dopey. For most people 1 drop is good but several are safe as a pain reliever.

100 mg
50 mg CBD
50 mg THC
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Excellente qualité Kush! Cultivé en provenance de graines Canadiennes.

5 gr
Livraison sécurisée.
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Leafley says: an invigorating sativa named after its pungent, diesel-like aroma. This fast-acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that have pushed Sour Diesel to its legendary status. Stress, pain, and depression fade away in long-lasting relief that makes Sour Diesel a top choice among medical patients.

I say: Loud and fast.
$290.00 BTC0.0322 28 grams
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Leafley says: This indica effects to be *deeply relaxing*, sleep-inducing, and a great option for full-body pain relief. The short onset of effects make it a perfect nighttime strain for those who suffer from insomnia.

I say: pretty euphoric and surprisingly energetic for a sleep helper.
$330.00 BTC0.0367 28 grams
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The clean and natural way to enjoy concentrates. No solvents butane or additives of any kind. Ice and very fine screens separate potent trichomes from plant matter, leaving an organic concentrate 5 times as strong as the orginal bud.

Made from a blend of Diesel and Kush resulting in a nice smelling and well balanced mix of sativa and indica.
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excellent quality kush seeds, varies with stock and I like to learn how you will grow them to get you the most suitable seed for your purposes.
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2 grams of 100% natural himalayan hash,delicouus and healthy for eating, smoking, cooking or making tea. ships fresh from india.
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Many strains names to evoke delicious flavors but very few deliver on their promise. Enter the Sherbert.

Your nose knows, immediately. But more remarkably so does your mouth, you can actually taste sweet grapes. If you don't realize this right away you will, this hybrid will offer you deep, calm insight into everything that enters your cortex.

Sure you are floating but you can see what a simple, and delightful thing that is.
$2,800.00 BTC0.3106 8 ounces
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Who would have ever guessed Chemdog and SFV OG would get married? A wild romp sure, opposites attract and all but how could they ever be expected to raise a child? Well she turned out perfect so lets celbrate this quinceanera lets party with the whole family.

Orange haired, woody and delightfully sticky describes Motorbreath 15 in terms everyone can appreciate. Smooth, cool and commandingly mellow is how she leaved you feeling.

Excellent dense bug structure, strong gas and pine notes make this a great bargain. Balanced with varying sized nugs from small to large. They are green with orange hairs and look naturally dense with a tight trim. The stems snap bone dry and they are sticky-icky! The nose is earthy, gassy and piney with a spritz of lemon. I packed 0.13g in a bong and my first small hit was really smooth and earthy. I milked the second hit and it was smooth going down with more intense flavors of woody pines and cream. Larger hits expands in the chest and gets me coughing. The high comes on slow and feels mellow yellow. Ashes burn 80%+ white. <3MM
$1,380.00 BTC0.1531 8 ounces
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9/10 Bruce Banner #3
rated 61 days ago   took 6 days to arrive
10/10 THC+CBD Tincture
rated 93 days ago   took 6 days to arrive
10/10 blue dream
rated 101 days ago   took 7 days to arrive edited 26 mar 20
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