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Why Aliens are Machines
This is one of those things thats both mind blowing *and* makes total common sense.
usd.btc 200 for a 3 min video on cannabis stealth
1) There are so many characters on Mr Robot what did you have in mind for a 3 min piece? 2) Will there be more than 1 episode?
{buy help}
Tips for noobs?
Also if you do if have any problem as a new buyer and it comes to a dispute, extend the time for settlement so you have time to make a better reputati…
They did say there will be five samples and they will only go to reputable buyers give them a chance before berating the…
I'm sitting here with my popcorn on this one can't wait to how it turns out.
What is Afinil *Worst* For?
I would say socializing with small groups of people like family and people that know you well. With bigger crowds I think it actually helps with stra…
Is it ok to use modafinil if I am having dental surgery that day?
Eat a lot and get any rest you can before the surgery.
Is it healthier to use modafinil or addrerall?
The Science backs you up G, modafinil is a hystamine and adderall is an amphetamine, the latter is way more fucked on your body and addictive.