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Kids your minds are already expanding leave these products to the grown ups.

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As the child of heavyweight champion strains, Blue Cookies delivers a crushing blow of euphoria straight to the head, where it swiftly sinks down to relax the entire body.

Sweet berry flavors fuse with earthy cherry notes in a flavor profile as enticing as the bud’s thick coat of frosty resin that stretches over twisting hues of green and purple.

Novices should approach Blue Cookies with modesty, but this strain’s potency is perfect for hard-to-impress vets.
$64.00 BTC0.0047 3.5 grams
$121.00 BTC0.0088 7 grams
$212.00 BTC0.0154 14 grams
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Ceramic Disposable Pen

Grapefruit OG Indica Hybrid
CO2 Extraction
80% + THC

other flavors available, do inquire
$85.00 BTC0.0062 2 Pens
$177.00 BTC0.0129 5 Pens
$399.00 BTC0.029 10 Pens
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An Indica dominant hybrid, relaxed but energetic. Helps sleep for most people and helps spirit for everyone. We use it on the daily here.

100% organic
$48.00 BTC0.0035 3.5 grams
$265.00 BTC0.0193 28 grams
$910.00 BTC0.066 112 grams
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35mg Sour Gummies

Homemade from organically from THC concentrates.
$89.00 BTC0.0065 10 Bears
$152.00 BTC0.0111 25 bears
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600 ml of stealthy, BHO extracted, OG Kush pleasure, good for hits in the thousands. 510 standard thread interface works with any popular vape pen.
$100.00 BTC0.0073
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1 gram cartridge

Tangie hybrid strain
Distiallate with added terpines and a hella punch.

Clean power to my people.
$78.00 BTC0.0057 1 cartridge
$130.00 BTC0.0095 2 cartridges
$290.00 BTC0.0211 5 cartridges
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10/10 l grow house
Thanks LGC! Great price!
rated 26 days ago   took 4 days to arrive
10/10 Litty Disposable Vape Pen
rated 118 days ago   took 7 days to arrive
10/10 Organic THC Gummy Hearts
Mixup with the address, but they were great about helping me figure it out. Thanks guys, always a pleasure.
rated 188 days ago   took 4 days to arrive
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