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Nearly everything here leads to heart attacks and other forms of death as well as serious and mild illness. Welcome.
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What is the fastest erection producer on the market today?
by  markny60
Lost order?I ordered Cialis yesterday but there was a delay in bitcoin. By the time it was showing as sent, the order ti…
do you carry the new cialis oral strips?
Wood Refund Policy
What is the difference between Viagra and Cialis?
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did world war 2 merely stall an inevitable trend of fascism?
Ha this really looks funny now - people have since…
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Coinbase free money what could go wrong?
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How Can I Stay High All the Time?
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Joseph Goebbels was and idiot.
No but Steve Bannon can.
Apple Glasses
this is kind of lame but the glasses are pretty co…
Trump is exactly what the US deserves.
Trump is Hitler without the silky hair conditioner
Say what you like but where can you find more freedom than the U.S.?
By most surveys of freedom at least 15 countries. …
on  {shade}
Microsoft's Appeal for Cyber Peace
They are still just copying apple
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What's going wrong?
The public bitcoin network had a backlog of transa…
Viagra discussion
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Stoners gonna stone dear friend.
A Brain Prosthetic to Improve Memory
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what is the cheapest, most sustainable way to stay hard
Stay sexually active, like a muscle it will stay h…
why aging-isn't inevitable
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Chocolate makes you smarter
this seems reasonable, but you gotta wonder, what …
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Do I have CHLAMYDIA? discussion
What happens if a male goes untreated?
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I ordered yesterday, and it took 35 minutes for my bitcoin to get to little biggy. That means the money apparently goes …
Would be nice if one of them actually posted here
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how to buy on little biggy
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