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When It’s Too Late To Stop Fascism
Marijuana Cookies and Christmas Egg Nug with Nonna Marijuana
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Scientists Are Starting to Take Warp Drives Seriously
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Nuclear Weapons
slowly warm up the planet till we are indifferent to thermonuclear temperatures.
use three words to describe little biggy
Freedom's Last Hope + 2 more
Dicks With Time Machines
Whoops I thought this was going to be Time Machines with Dicks, because you know they are always so vaginal. Seemed intriguing.
Anxious about buying online
no wux, let the parents serve the time, then you got the place to yourself. problem solved.
on  mrspock89
Back at the hospital :(
Mrs Spock now theres a series
Image of Brain on Moda Less Than Inspiring
It's Inattention, filthy, red, purple inattention and it must be Destroyed.
happy borg is like a service animal for biggaz
A service borg
on  meme
It seems like you are seeking complexity and frustrated with the path that brings.,, coinbase, bitpanda, are just a few of the eas…
Who is the highest rated weed dealer on earth?
For 3 years now I've tried everyone and there is no doubt in my mind that the best in the business is Buds Bunny. Holla to you Mademoiselle, you are …
Is it ok to use modafinil if I am having dental surgery that day?
A lot of important qs here like how you react to moda in general - if you have any issues with your heart rate or any side effects I'd say reschedule …
on  shaw
What's the best deal for modafinil here?
I would say ADDmen, they have $1 per 200mg tablet with EMS shipping included.
I reckon both, like Nixon she's gonna win by not giving up (remember he lost to Kennedy and came back 8 years later) and then crater from her flaws on…
on  jasmine
No reviews yet any chance for samples to buyers with a reputation?
Maybe not everything. How do you know it's safe to swallow his tablets?
Facebook's new privacy policy change on January 30th is very concerning, take a look:
I think anyone using Facebook must know privacy is out the window by now and they are willing to pay the price.
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