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depression licked.
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Quantum computing explained with a deck of cards
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AI worries.masturbation
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VR and Models of Consciousness
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{Lb initiative}: Free the HK Coffin Flat Dwellers
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What Brought You To Biggy?
true that
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what is a "unit" of ai?
I think it's like us you can look at an individual or a collection as a unit.
The Room Where The Internet Was Born
Well guess what the 1st e-commerce transaction ever was...
Stoned AI
this begs the question what exactly is "stoned"?
Is it possible to OD on modafinil?
Another possibility to OD is through a mix of moda and other substances, the combination of which is not well tested. If anyone has any doubt about t…
did world war 2 merely stall an inevitable trend of fascism?
i think its a really mega trend. fascism was a reaction to kingdoms turning into modern nations. this time populism is a result of modern nations turn…
What Would Aaron Do?
i think aaron could have stayed right on the cause he died for: human rights to medical information. it's a simple truth now: process medical data an…
In the 1970s Irish Banks went on strike. Pubs replaced them easily.
What do you call the satoshi's? hops?
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Vitalik: Control Is A Liablity
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Money as a system of control (video)
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The Rise of Nazism Looks a Lot Like Now
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the game economy
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10,000 times more Americans Are Killed From Medical Errors Than Terrorism
Thus the way to fix this is to make a fear based business out of the technical solution. So if it's say "AI diagnosis to complement your Doctor'…