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A Cryptographer's Moral Responsibility
Those 40s scientists were up against something inevitable so they could only stall things a bit, this lot can actually enable.
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joe publik
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1 oz orders
You're slumming it no longer mate. Any well rated vendor is going to do you right.
on  Aabuyer
Smoking and working out
Ok but don't forget after everything.
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a father of our freedoms
its a great story he got inspired in elementary school and really beat to his own drum.
Micro Grows
I tried doing it without enough light, if you are going to try start with a light solution, everything depends on this. Good luck it's fun if youre in…
on  xs8
Someone is hiring on LB?
Malicious ain't no right man and sure aint no bigga.
will carnival be on?
on  {nations}
How Governments Introduce Surveillance Under Veil of Coronavirus Control
Hopefully it will be a war of words and bitch fighting for attention- like social media for countries. Actually its already started.
Medicinal cannabis oil (needs)
Do you mean oils you swallow like Rick Simpson Oil or topicals that you apply to your skin? THC plus CBD? What country. They have it all hear though. …
does anyone vape wax?
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It is me or is marijuana getting stronger?
Of course, once there's a market modern agriculture doesn't stop.
Anyone ever had a car accident stoned?
Totally Right up to Fast and Furious 4
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Cryptoradar finds the best deals for bitcoin
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If less than 10/10 feedback for our services, please contact us, Goodies for feedback suggestions!
Thanks mate good intentions but I think they will be punished
how does visibility work?
I was think most people have the default but that seems to change
Looking for wax and shatter in Europe
UK is getting better, try good is weed and uk gold, the latter especially has short runs that she doesn't list but is happy to make a listing on reque…
how2 buy btc on discussion
A great way in the UK is bitbuy, for example this trader uses Barclays Pingit with no verification steps.
{buy help}
Reship? Problem with my post office and item was returned to sender.
I'd ask for a refund if the the vendor will do that, then use another vendor. Little risk in reality mate but why not stack the deck in your own favou…