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Yer Highest Quality Concentrates Shipped Across All Seven Seas. Do yeeself a favour and get bitcoins, they're better than gold, the hands on {bitcoin} will help yee out.
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BHO from White Widow+OG Kush
$135.00 BTC0.0127 2 grams
$230.00 BTC0.0216 4 grams
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Shatter me timbers, this will knock ye right off the deck so be careful ye scurvys.

Brittle, pungent and sativa based, she''s a gold treasure if ever I seen one.
$67.00 BTC0.0063 1 gram
$215.00 BTC0.0202 4 grams
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10/10 Wax Crunch
Took a while due to a bit of a mix up but Cap sorted me out in the end. Really powerful stuff great great stealth too. Thanks
rated 153 days ago   took 80 days to arrive
10/10 Captain's Gold Shatter
Second purchase on Lb, seriously loved the stealth packaging. Good grade concentrate too.
rated 254 days ago   took 6 days to arrive
10/10 Wax Crunch
Love this stuff. Has a nice clean flavour.
rated 298 days ago   took 10 days to arrive
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by  Billy0020
UK and how long orderd some shatter messaged you but no reply ?
Oli Bongo
by  Oli Bongo
Any chance of some Cali cans Cap'n?
hey bro. whts d quantity of the shatter glass thats listed for usd69
Oli Bongo
by  Oli Bongo
Does anyone know how to pay for the insurance on the wax? I can't see an option for it.
Do you ship to India?
by  kibs
Captain, regarding the diesel kief could you tell me what strain it is? SD by any chance?
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