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to the censorious mob questioning every exotic item..
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Wireheading Done Right: Stay Positive Without Going Insane
amazing reading, thank you
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Best Rap Show You've Ever Been To?
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Bill Maher on Royalty
greedy cunts they are, when people need help they still want billions more for themselves
on  {science}
Intelligence explained with math – MIT physicist (video)
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on  Mrbond20
darkest meme..
you first
{buy help}
Don't Accept 50% Refunds
Nope, escrow overrides those terms.
Ray Kurzweil on Giving Future AI the Right to Vote [Video]
good point, even if there is an individual whats to stop it from replicating at will?
on  Mystic11
Drug driving. Has anyone been caught?
I would never drive in Ireland wiithout the help of beng stoned it''s like the whole country is 1 winding lane around a blind turn. Intuition is the o…
Steven Hawking Says We Have 100 Years Left
true this
America Even Has Black Ops Forrest Rangers
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World Riot I
Revolutions do come in waves + 2 more
ethereum anyone?
many of the same issues with btc: skyrocketing values slow network high fees
How do other vendors deal with loads of inputs on the blockchain?
yeah just keep an eye on this thing
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Is Lil Peep Rap?
ya ya bigga
R.I.P Black Panther
The release of Black Panther was such a positive thing in the US, a racial reconciliation that everyone supported and felt great about. The symbolism …
Any USA based sellers have kief?
I would buy this and yeah we need some Americans to step in here this is crazy.
Are there differences between batches?
Word, someone should tell this to the fuckwits on r/afinil.
Just How Much Would It Cost To Buy Congress Back From Special Interests?
whoever bought them would bring us to the same situation
5 Reasons To Never Buy From a Seller on Messengers/Email
You can operate like this, just use the passwords on your visibility settings.
Weed clones (cuttings)
Yes this is a trust one, meeting in person with industrial amounts, I don't understand how the seller is going to be happy with the risk, especially w…
where can I buy marijuana online?
have you tried tastykush