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What is the best DIY bong?
Dude I thought this but you gotta see the new gree…
iron jizz
on  iron jizz
What is the best Science Fiction Anime Series?
I love the premise here with the mind-body interch…
New Targets for Racism
What do you mean hate on Chinese, this guy is jus…
can the USA be fixed?
update + 2 more
Preventing Medical Tyranny - What the US Constitution Almost Achieved
If it involves life and death you can bet your ass…
on  spiceX1
Why privacy is important, and having "nothing to hide" is irrelevant.
"systems of surveillance, coercing your confo…
Disappointed Customer
Asia is a very big place with all kinds of borders… + 2 more
Pre rolls upon request?? UK
If I were a seller I would have different, well de…
on  theP
Gun Control Is Over - Worldwide
Having to make the gun yourself is a good restrict…
biggy smalls raps over thomas the tank engine
Best Bitcoin provider for UK
I like Coingate, much faster than anything. I don…
on  dejos
What is the best Darknet shop which is not prone to exit scams?
Some decent points you make if not for the conflat…
#10 No Fuckin Muppets
"muppet is Yoda".
Is it possible to OD on modafinil?
There's a first for everything, the thing to keep …
lb weigh in: hash vs flower?
The best hash vs the best weed thing about it, not…
on  modalass
Where do you get your moda from lass?
Seems rather forward.
on  {shade}
Citizen 4 (complete film multi subtitles)
It's amazing how they have kept this story alive w…
How can people deal with natural monopolies?
If the users organize a boycott it can force the m…
What is monetization?
started topic
Provoking Muslims is Good For Business (youtube)
Could someone please give Trump an honest living?
bigg now