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Top New Grower Mistakes
good one, thanks
Scientists Think Flashes Are Powering Alien Spaceships
This is why I come to little biggy. How can the media not figure out this is more interesting than bitch fighting between politicians? I come here fo…
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aldous huxley interviewed by mike wallace
Very fucking cool
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how are disputes settled?
The Mighty Algorithm!
How To Live Forever (Guardian)
started topic
Anyone have one of these?
its just the battery. actually a good thing, a cart this cheap is asking for trouble.
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My time here
yes props to Pat
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I login with my account and it says that account is locked. So I had to make a new one. Never experienced that before, d…
What's the url for your locked account?
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Is there a search field I'm not seeing?
1- yes there is 2 - you need a bigger reputation to see it 3 - it stinks anyway so just use google instead ;)