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UN Chief Annan: "It's time to legalize drugs"
ee cum ins
if american's can not fight for a cause
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The Neurologist That Hacked His Brain - And Almost Lost His Mind
putting all that old gear in you skull? i just can't put my head around this ;)
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Do they not teach history anymore?
When does it ever stop at a "dose"? The OP is right; an understanding of recent history would remind people of a lot of things: 1) Times a…
Resurrecting the Dead From Outer Space
take off i get it! do you need to do anything to participate or just die and wait?
My first order with free money!
Sounds like you landed a bigger bigga :)
doctor doc
High Liver Enzymes
It's not the enzymes that lead to disease they are markers of liver cell malfunctions. If the cells are damaged or if the bilary (liver+gall bladder)…
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what's the longest time youve spent in vr?
I've done maybe 4 hours, I switched up games though and that help you from over dosing in a single game.
To Wax or Not to Wax...That Is The Question. Better than bud?
That's why I don't bother with concentrates, to do it right you need a huge "rig" like some addict character is a science fiction movie.
Scientists Think Flashes Are Powering Alien Spaceships
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young blood injections reverse ageing (national geographic)
PeterThiel is all over this one
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Does bitcoin go up when people lose faith in government?
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