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Best Weed: Song
lets do smoke some pot by dash rip rock
High Times Top Strains 1977
Jesus, so that's why we still call it weed today
can the USA be fixed?
Yes, if people like the ones at Emmanuel AME Churc…
Are there differences between batches?
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New Targets for Racism
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on  clipper
How long to the UK?
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Trop tôt; The Story of Minitel
Heh this was a good one, like a Compuserve termina…
Is there anything I can stack with modafinil to give it a boost?
Its blend of caffeine and l theaninine from a mob …
19th Century Pioneer
There once was a man from our town Who planted a w…
on  {nations}
What nation is the most peaceful in history?
I think countries go through phases like people, l…
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