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cancer is my bitch
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Aka Vitamin K, long understood as a blood clotting agent now understood to cancer cells by stimulating oxidative stress

1994 - proven to turns certain kinds of leukemia cells into normal white blood cells

2001 - discovery to prevent tumor cells from repairing themselves

2006 - shown to suppress hepatocellular carcinoma, a liver cancer.

Continuing studies show properties that are effective against a wider range of cancers.

These are the largest dose capsules available on the market, it is safe to take 4 or 5 per day.
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colon cancer can be stopped. just go to the doctor's office and have him reach up your ass to get started
poke through shit a little shit with this magic wand

the choice is yours gentleman. just unscrew the top, pickup a little faces and put the cap back on (now, don't play with it, drop it and you will have to start over).

mail it to the enclosed address and we send you the results anonymously in a little biggy message, good luck.
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10/10 Menatetrenone 15 mg 90 caps
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10/10 Menatetrenone 15 mg 90 caps
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10/10 life saving shit sticks
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