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what if we let the boomers die?
all the best to your son and thanks for your persp…
What signs of doom do we share with the Roman Empire?
A thug is going to shake you down the easiest way …
What would be your US coup plan?
Start with a lot of scary propaganda about what th…
Selling on little biggy vs the darknet
true this
on  {rap}
Old Eminem VS New Eminem
Yeah the actual rapping gets better at times and t…
on  epix
When the cops come knocking
looks like they picked the wrong bigga to fuck wit…
2 months and still waiting...
just take it to escrow suisse, thats what they are…
can the USA be fixed?
If its a 12 step program, seems like all this real…
my Spidey Sense feels that concentrates are carcinogenic
There is no long term data so I would say follow y…
Vendors not responding
post on their page
on  {nations}
is the coronavirus bio warfare?
Whatever its origins it has become bio warfare as … + 3 more