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Disabled from neuropathy and chronic pain living somewhere that I must get my medication from you my angels thank you
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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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The nicest shatter?
by  RNCIN2012
I just watched "THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE" and in it the give a man a doss of 30 milligrams of LSD WW2 German…
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Can someone tell me why Americans think guns are the definition of freedom?
I am not black but I am a 6'5' 300+ pound white ma… + 2 more
Have you thought of taking Credit Cards
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Why is redlining considered immoral by most people?
I think my car should drive itself. All stereotype…
What is the best DIY bong?
That they would sell newer versions of there Bong …
How To Control Guns
Where is that the money maid by the Police, lawyer… + 2 more
America 2024 - What Would 8 years of Trump Reap?
He stated he wants a strong elite Military so if t…
Are you wanting to help me expand my mind.Richard
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iron jizz
on  iron jizz
What is the best Science Fiction Anime Series?
I Thought I started this Question oh well good buz… + 2 more
What if Taxes were started for churches at least Scientology the World has enough Bad fiction already spread too thick f…
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Is it ok to drink alcohol when taking modafinil?
I am afraid of wide awake drunk's. Maybe that's j…
I can't see the items you sell can you help me see, Open my Eyes so to spaek
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Hi I have ordered from you before and you sent me three very good strains. If I order today or tomorrow will you ship Mo…
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{buy help}
Hi I have bought some Bitcoins they are in circle now how do I get them out of circle and to the seller?
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silk worm
on  silk worm
I bought some bitcoin now I don't know how to spend it is there a Bitcoin for old farts or For Dummies?
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How do I store them , Make a tea maybe?
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machine free vaporizer discussion
Can you explain how the battery is engaged and dos…
How many caps and what's a dose?
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bigg now