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How does LSD differ from cannabis?
As far as effect goes I would have to say the biggest difference has to be emotions. While both of the substances open up "cognitive" conne…
on  S.cooper
Any vacuum sealed vape carts I can take on holiday to Turkey ??
Buy some tobacco based ones and pack it with them and use their packaging. Co2 carts are best. Don't know anyone who has had a problem.
on  WeedMummy
NDWUK Page Restricted
I would be very weary of anyone directing you anywhere is a situation like this.
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Gun Control Is Over - Worldwide
Can you google? Fucking Pinterest has "37 Best DIY Bullets".
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
"access to this item is restricted" why ? first time i see this.. :o
Could be your location or your reputation, the item's seller sets it and you can always ask.
iPod is the wearable
and how about wireless headphones that work