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How does LSD differ from cannabis?
As far as effect goes I would have to say the bigg…
on  S.cooper
Any vacuum sealed vape carts I can take on holiday to Turkey ??
Buy some tobacco based ones and pack it with them …
What Is The Best Music Decade Ever?
Ill second that notion with 90s britpop.
on  {nations}
Do they not teach history anymore?
True much of that but Kissinger and Nixon treated …
on  WeedMummy
NDWUK Page Restricted
I would be very weary of anyone directing you anyw…
on  theP
Gun Control Is Over - Worldwide
Can you google? Fucking Pinterest has "37 Bes…
Litty vape pens
A hit off a good vape pen in like a hit off a god …
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
"access to this item is restricted" why ? first time i see this.. :o
Could be your location or your reputation, the ite…
iPod is the wearable
and how about wireless headphones that work
What are the best headphones for android/galaxy note 4?
bose, go to their site and you can select "de…
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