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45 topics on {nations}
by  ike
List of countries by income equality
by  foster
The Rise of Nazism Looks a Lot Like Now
by  bBoi
How is Nationalism Any Different from Racism?
by  Tenpester
want to end war? hold the weapons makers liable.
there are at least 2 guaranteed winners in every war, the weapons suppliers on each side. doesn't matter who wins or loses the corporations still profit, just ask the many nazi suppliers still around today.

considering their enormous influence over miltaries and governments it's not surprising we still haven't got rid of war.
Would work perfectly if they didn't control nearly every legislature, dictator or other potential enforcer of this liability.
very true

i like to see the humanitarian side of this website

its awesome and it fills me with happiness to see people understand first of all, and secondly more <3

Fight for World peace
Don't forget the banks that finance the wars there winning big!

Its people like Phillip may(teresa mays husband) and Paul kenward (Victoria atkins husband uks old drugs minister responsible for uks drugs policy) who are at the head of this.

They both own alot of UK sugar and BAE.
Not only controlling alot of the world's arms but also their medicinal mj supply with Sativex and 50% of the uks sugar supply.
iron jizz
by  iron jizz
will the chinese gov say sorry?
by  Tenpester
A list of alternatives to nations
The factory workers who fought fascism from Glasgow
history's greatest murderer is now its greatest hacker
by  foster
I'm not a national I'm a local -Taiye Selasi
Networks Not Nations
What Is The Thucydides Trap?
iron jizz
by  iron jizz
End of nations: Is there an alternative to countries?
World Riot I
where is the most optimistic place on earth right now?
by  alpo
Do they not teach history anymore?
doctor doc
is the coronavirus bio warfare?
Government works only to the extent people give a shit
by  Tenpester
How Do REgular Chinese People Feel About The Virus?