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50 topics on {nations}
putin assassination strategies
by  Tenpester
The Weakness of the Despot
Decentralised legal System
bit poppa
by  bit poppa
Taiwan is leading networked democracy
by  Tenpester
A list of alternatives to nations
where is the most optimistic place on earth right now?
by  ike
List of countries by income equality
some definite patterns here folks
Super Hans
i'm surprised at how well a lot of slavic countries are doing tbh
communism flattened out incomes and this generation gets the best of both worlds
slavs and nordics sure dominate the top
by  Tenpester
it didn't have to be this way
by  foster
The Rise of Nazism Looks a Lot Like Now
all murderers are punished unless...
by  defnote
21 Times When Coffee was Illegal
Networks Not Nations
at tes
by  at tes
If we don't need authority for trust what do we need it for?
by  Tenpester
want to end war? hold the weapons makers liable.
Han duo
by  Han duo
China kills AI chatbots that learn to praise US
by  bBoi
How is Nationalism Any Different from Racism?
Government works only to the extent people give a shit
iron jizz
by  iron jizz
will the chinese gov say sorry?
silk worm
by  silk worm
"Civilization" set back human health and happiness for thousands of years.
doctor doc
is the coronavirus bio warfare?