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Boveda packs in your regular stash jar?
Just wondering if it’s worth putting the Boveda packs in my regular stash jar? I keep the bud in the Mylar bags they come in (unsealed but folded and taped closed) and use a glass jar but would the Boveda pack be a useful addition to keep it all in optimum condition?
British Bulldog
Never long term store weed in anything plastic/mylar.

Get an airtight glass jar that is close to the size of weed you're storing, buy a cheap hygrometer from ebay, pop it in the jar.

If it's around 58-62% relative humidity then don't bother with Boveda packs. If it's less or more throw one (8g Boveda 62% pack) in per 14g of product.

Keep the .jars at around 18 degrees.

As soon as the RH on the hygrometer reads around 60%, take the Boveda packs out. They have a tendency to remove the terpenes from the weed.

Cheers BB
I feel like boveda packs make weed taste funny, it’s something I’ve noticed everytime so I don’t use them anymore.
British Bulldog
I don't think they're any good for long term storage to be honest.

If your weed isn't the correct RH they can stabilise it but as soon as I get close to 60% I always take them out.

I haven't noticed a funny taste but I think they definitely affect the overall depth of taste and smell if left in for too long.

Just my opinion though.

Cheers BB
Depends on how much you’re storing actually . If it’s a gram or two that finishes in a few days , don’t bother . You will just get a new batch again but if u have a bigger stash and ure worried it dries out then 100% yes . Get it . No new tech here . They make for the cigar market and until recently the green market . Now they just tweak it for different plant with different humidity requirements . Same same but different . You might want to reconsider storing in plastic bags . The bags may have static and that pulls off the trichromes that’s why most ppl use glass jars . As for how you bag your gear . If it’s left unsealed certain parts of the world it will dry out faster . Certain parts of the world it might get moldy due to the high humidity. Hope this helps mate
Just started using one a couple of days ago on some stuff that could have gone either way at the time. Awesome cure by the next day and getting better each time I open it, so yeah I'd recommend it. Just don't keep your bud in plastic
To come back in on this - nah, probs best not to use them.
Tried them out for a week, pretty sure it made my bud less tasty and stay too damp
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