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New to shatter- what a mess!
UK Legalisation
DIY Vape Cart Test?
by  Spudulika
Herb Storage
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Anyone ever had a car accident stoned?
1st Death From E-Cigs/Vapes was Nearly TEN years Ago in the UK !
Pure or with tobacco?
by  bayou
Daily Weed Doesn't Mess With Brain Growth (Journal of Neuroscience)
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High Times Top Strains 1977
Practicing "Cannasexuals"
dr zaius
by  dr zaius
Cannabis Commercialization is Scary (TED)
by  HBiz
Cannabis 'to be legalised in the UK' within five to ten years, say MPs
by  MalcomY
How to smoke weed in cafes?
In my country its still legal to smoke in outdoor cafes and everybody stinks the place up so its beat em or join em, I just can't smoke tobacco, know any tricks?
tasty kush
tasty kush9.4/10
Buy some cigs and empty them out then fill them up with well ground cannabis. Put some tobacco in the ends so when you light up in inconspicuous then if anyone raises an eyebrow you finish off with tobacco - which you dont have to smoke even.
Try a dry herb vaporizor! I use the pax 2 and you'd never notice a thing. You can smoke in a smoking area or walking down the street and no one would notice. Great stealth option.
by  djschuby
How do you celebrate 4/20?
by  kenszoo
Ask biggy: buying weed online in china?
the pain, pleasure of cannabis detox