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by  HBiz
How much flower is used to make 1 gram of cart oil/juice?

Just curious to know how much flower goes into making 1 gram of vape oil. Don't need an exact figure, I assume anything between 2/3 grams are used and the byproducts then used to make other cannabis related products such as edibles, massage oils, creams etc.

I have tried looking it up on the Web, however I'm not having much luck. Would be nice to get some info from people who make the oil or anyone with a greater knowledge then myself.

Many thanks.
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About a quarter ounce for for a 1 gram cart.
Wow. That's blown me away. Didn't expect it to be that much.
That depends on the integrity of the chemist. Whole problem with carts if you ask me.
amen. very inconsistent
Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't aware there was inconsistencies. I'll do some research into it.
I probably should mention that most of the ones I've bought on LB are good and I've bought carts from 5 different vendors.

I've had 2 duds but the rest of them were very good, just various degrees of potency
See, I only do vapes. Did have a quick look at the inconsistencies but I think as long as you have a good branded cart (my personal favourites are heavy hitters and select-at the moment) and a decent enough battery, you're good to go.

Yes, you should look into each brand to see the vibe on the Web and then make an informed decision. A good friend did say that he's not been feeling anything bad nor is he growing any extra fingers, so he's going to stick with vaping. He does have a point.

Only bad experience I've had with a cart is I ponce dropped my vape and the cart smashed. Gutted, best part of a gram gone.
the 2 bad ones I had burned too fast. I'm not sure what the problem was but I could watch the contents disappear with each toke. After 7-8 puffs, it was all gone.

I prefer ingesting b/c it's longer and more intense high for me. I vape with the carts to kill the time I wait for the ingestion (green dragon, distillates, or brownies) to kick in or when I want to catch a quick buzz
Yeah that’s true enough, the potency varies with each seller, I think the best I’ve had is MJconcentrates so far, but I know GC has got some carts in now that i wanna try out. If you’re making the carts yourself, you’ll at least know the potency depending on the weed or concentrate you decide to use for it.
I’m having trouble with this myself too HBiz with the quantity of weed to 1g cartridge ratio, I think it works out to a similar amount for homemade rosin, where you usually gain back 10 - 25% back depending on how much you put in. For example a gram of weed will get you a return of .1g - .25g of rosin if you have a rosin press or you can do the hair straightener method. With that being said, you’ll probably need to have 4g - 10g or more, but I’d say the 7 gram mark on average. I’m honestly not too sure mate, hope someone can help inform us on it more who’s more experienced. Hope this helped though.
Thanks Bd
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