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Anyone ever had a car accident stoned?
by  Jeffo
Guru on hacking cannabis receptors
Practicing "Cannasexuals"
Cannabis reverses ageing processes in the brain
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High Times Top Strains 1977
1/10 :)
I started smoking weed in '70, and the main difference I can tell between late 70s and now is that back then sinsemilla was just a part of the market, with a lot of packages containing seeds and more leaf and stem (amount varied with price). Today it's all sinsemilla (so much so that the term isn't even used anymore). The quality is pretty much the same. We had thai sticks and Hawaiian that certainly equaled top shelf strains of today (as far as anyone could tell - there wasn't much precision on reporting THC levels). I'm happy with the situation, but I stopped smoking between about '83 and 2009 (job), and wasn't amazed by any changes in potency; just the fact that it's all sinsemilla. I did feel silly when I first got back in the market and asked a seller whether or not his product was sinsemilla and he didn't know wtf I was talking about. I quickly found out that was a stupid question... :>)
green face killa
green face killa
I remember references to what I thought was the "sense" now I get that was sinsimilla :) Thanks
Yep, that's what it was called. Just Spanish for "without seed". Speaking of Spanish, if we could find Oaxacan sinse we considered ourselves lucky, because it was just about as good as Thai but cheaper. Availability (in my part of Texas) wasn't reliable at all though. Now, it's like going to the weed supermarket. We're living in the future in that sense. Life is good and getting better...
How did people live with that? With the way weed has gone it's a different world and are kids will think the same as are weed lol
RIZ Guides
RIZ Guides10/10
Let's hope there's a little weed in their shunt/ brain interface
Jesus, so that's why we still call it weed today
1st National Dispensary
1st National Dispensary9.9/10
And why my dad won't smoke modern bud, he things its like acid.
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