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There are many pages for that stuff including where to buy marijuana online
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Indica Vs. Sativa - is it all BS?
Indicas are sedative/couchlock, Sativas are lively/creative, right?

After 20 years of experience, I've come to believe there are so many other factors at play, that whether it's an Indica or Sativa is rendered borderline irrelevant.

I've certainly never had a bud that's made me run around like that athlete kid in Breakfast Club.

Anyone agree?
after 18 years of heavy daily smoking, in my experience indica + sativa are just buzzwords, mostly used by trendy casual smokers so they can "pick a side and have a favourite"

in my experience the terpenes play a way more important role when it comes to the overall effects and experience of each strain, i've had sativa's that couchlock and indica's that are uplifting and energetic which are the opposite of their supposed effects
There are many factors that contribute to an overall feeling. I wouldn’t say Sativa/Indica is the dominating answer. That’s like saying my only expression is sad or happy... However, things get a bit more technical when you dig into it. Being able to simply explain an estimate sensation to buyers in percentage i20s80 is hugely beneficial. It helps people learn about what they’re buying, that’s not a bad thing
Seems the terpenes have a part to play, In the effect of cannabis aswell. not to mention that it seems a good %90 of strains are hybrid, you have an Interesting take non-the-less.
For me, I believe it to be true to a certain extent. I find with sativa heavy strains I feel a buzz in my head and it's above my ears. With indica heavy it's below my ears and I'm definitely more lazy. It's not a massive difference for me though. My mind tends to wander and think about more random bollocks with a sativa too. Who knows maybe it's all in the mind. All this energetic stuff I see is pure bullshit for me though. If I'm high, not much is getting done.
The science says it’s bollocks full stop.
BUT…like a lot of people I have go to strains for when I want to get stuff done and others for when the bean-bags are calling. All part of the fun! 🥳❤️
I don’t know really. A lot of it is down to the grower and how good they are. That has the most influence on affect for me.
It’s all about harvest times. If you let the sativas trichromes go amber, then you might get a couch lock. Similarly if you harvest your indica when the trichromes are clear, then you might feel creative and focused;)
Interesting post, I have been thinking the same myself recently. Been smoking 20 years and I have always seeked out indicas as I preferred the couch lock but I have recently been trying to try a few sativas to try and get more of a creative high. found nothing yet, any suggestions on a strain if not just looking for a sativa?
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