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Best vape for shatter or herb?
Classic strains(none new world cali) you may like to see.
Hey LB
Put this up here as thought it most appropriate.
Thought it would be good to list strains the community may want to see on LB. I've seen these lists on the Cali sellers pages that come with the price tag to match there beauty. But some well grown, cured and priced classic strains would be great to see also.
A few for me to get started:
Green Crack, Purple Haze, Chemdog, Durban, Congo, NYCD, Sour D, Kali Mist, Chocolope, Cannelope haze, panama haze, columbian gold, Acapulco Gold, Chernobyl, Strawberry Cough, Maui Wowie, C99, Trainwreck, , Casey Jones, willy nelson, destroyer, White Widow, Skunk#1, Nevilles haze, Lemon skunk, Mango Haze, Pineapple express, Tangie, vortex, ATF, Strawberry Diesels, Chiesal, OG Kush, Sour OG, power plant, jack the ripper, swazi, black jack....
So many but when vendors are shopping for their new stock it just may sway them to stock them i thought.
I rate that man. Some classic strains there. Great selection too. I’d definitely have to agree with Sour Diesel, Chemdawg, NYC Diesel, fucking amazing strains, as well as those landrace strains!
YES classic strains we need here. Skunk, Ak-47, Satori, white widow , lemon haze, Kush, Blueberry..
New to shatter- what a mess!
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